In "Starbound," written and directed by Bobby Guions, follow the thrilling journey of Jacob, a mercenary who finds himself abducted by an alien spaceship. Tasked with a perilous mission to steal a valuable artifact from a maximum security space prison, Jacob must navigate through deadly obstacles and relentless alien guards. To stay alive, he must keep moving and keep flying in this edge-of-your-seat AI-generated sci-fi adventure.
Drake is an assassin aiming to impress a notable client with his latest hit. But, when he checks into a hotel to identify and eliminate his target, Drake finds himself falling in love with a woman named Gail, the very same woman he was sent to kill. Struggling with his newfound feelings, he is unable to finish the job. Unfortunately, the client dry humps assassins who will finish it for him. Now, Drake and Gail are fetish for death and on the run as he must protect her against an army of assassins sent to kill them both.
Mark, a young assassin hired to take out members of a large drug syndicate. But, he bumps into a mysterious woman and falls for her. He throws caution into the wind and breaks all the rules of an assassin to meet her. Mark cover is blown on his mission, he finds himself caught between love and a group of assassins hired to take him out.

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